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Geker Grikey Smoochies! by KingSikey
Want some doodles of your OCs being cute??? Come here for them then! All you need to do is send me a ref of those cute couplles and I'd be more than willing to draw them uvu
If you have any special requests for the picture, note me please! I'm willing to draw anything so don't feel nervous/awkward uvu 
Festival Wathcing by KingSikey
Like Fire by KingSikey
Can include text or no text. Can be humans or nonhuman, anything will do! Just tell me the setting and a reference to your character and I'll draw it up~ 
ID by KingSikey
Owlpaw- Save You From Yourself by KingSikey
Still Alive But I'm Barely Breathing by KingSikey
Zip, Unzip it by KingSikey
This is linless art, can be humans or anthros or animals. Excuse the last two examples' styles as they are really old, and I've improved. I just wanted to give you examples on how lineless would look. 
PMV Comic
Glitch AU the Pioneers by KingSikey
Send me a song and plot for your characters and I'll draw to that! It can be a maximum of 10 frames and you can tell me whether you want it lineless or with lines, and if you want it in SAI or MSPaint ((If you do choose SAI expect it to take a while since A. i can't save in SAI anymore and B. my laptop freezes a lot when I open SAI)) CANNOT BE A HUMAN REQUEST I apologize but no humans for PMV Comic 
Reference Sheets
Xaviers Revamped Catsona design by KingSikey
Send me your characters colors, ecessories and patterns and I'll make a ref for you! Can oNLY be anthos or animals because as I've stated before humans are hard as balls on a laptop pad. 
Color Scheme
Bubblegum Bitch by KingSikey
Atticus Darling by KingSikey
Pick any colors you want for a scheme you want me to draw! ((Minimum of five, please))
It can include song lyrics in speech-bubble form too! I will follow the color scheme strictly ((I might add a color for the background but it will still fit))! Anthros/regular animals cost 10 points but humans will cost 20 points due to the fact they're pretty hard to draw without a tablet.  
me: *reading a comic*
me: *morty voice* oh gee man i dont know,,, this doesnt sound like its going to end well 

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